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In Rutherford County, NC

Dominion Studio NC
369 Butler Road
Forest City, NC

In Horry County, SC

Dominion Studio SC
1443 Dividend Loop
Myrtle Beach, SC



Temporarily Meeting At:

Dominion Studio NC

369 Butler Road

Forest City, NC

  • Sundays @ 10:35am

  • Wednesday Prayer & Healing School Coming Soon

The King's Giving


Meeting At:

Dominion Studio SC

1443 Dividend Loop

Myrtle Beach, SC

Tuesdays @ 6:45pm
Wednesdays @ 11:30am


Meeting In Person and Online at ALL Campuses
The King's Giving


The King's House is the ongoing vision of Dr. Joseph & Lynette Dutton, to obey the command of Jesus, to Go Ye Into All The World And Preach The Gospel of the Kingdom of God.  We are are a local church with a global vision determined to build strong families and leaders that will be agents of Change around our community and in the nations of the earth.  

The King's House name was birthed from a prophetic word given during worship at The Epicenter Church in 2018.  That word expressed that God would begin to raise up King's Houses all across the world through churches, homes meetings and gathering places where the Love, Power and Authority of THE KING OF KINGS, The LORD JESUS, could be established, and The Word and The Spirit would change those homes, families, individuals, regions and ultimately the nations.  


The King's House is determined to be a BOOK of ACTS Church in the Twenty-First Century.  We desire to see the Word of the Kingdom spread around the world by missions, as well as the demonstration of God's Power through The Gifts of Spirit, Deliverance, the Prophetic Word.  This is an Apostolic House, not in denomination, but in experience, according to how Jesus said He would build His Church.  (Matthew 16:18, Ephesians 2:20)

The King's House is NOT YOUR USUSAL CHURCH.  We give God our all during worship, with singing, dancing, clapping, tears of intercession and shouts of Joy!  We are a Bible Teaching Faith ministry, developing the whole man in the Culture of Grace and The Kingdom of God.  And it is our goal to see that the Gifts of God inside of every Believer never lay dormant but the saints of God, according to Ephesians 4:11, under the teaching and development of Apostolic and Prophetic ministry, mature and begin to "DO THE WORK OF THE MINISTRY".  

The King's House is not limited to ONE location.  The Church never was intended to be a dead organization, but a living organism.  We see this grace on us for Forest City, NC and now, Myrtle Beach, SC, springing up all over the South-East, The USA, and into the homes and cities of Believing Believers around the World.  Come grow with us and you to can be, A King's House!





Dr. Joseph & Lynette Dutton


Dr. Joseph & Lynette were married in 1991 and have been serving together in the Ministry for thirty years.  Dr. Dutton first began preaching at the age of 14 years old and has traveled extensively into Africa, South America, Mexico, Cuba, Canada, and all across the USA; preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and healing the sick.  He has been known as a sound and proven Prophetic Voice in the Body of Christ and in the Market Place for many years.  Dr. Dutton was ordained as an Apostle in the Lord's Church in 2020. 


Pastor Lynette is equally anointed to preach and teach the Word of God, and is a John Maxwell Speaker and Business Coach.  With the grace of a Lady and the boldness of Prophetess, she has ministered in boardrooms of fortune 500 companies, to entrepreneurs and foundations, as well as to church leaders and believers.  Her heart is always to see the Kingdom of God continue to be expanded in the hearts of leaders around the world, but even with that burden and assignment on her life, she feels her greatest accomplishment in life is being GiGi to her precious grand-babies.

Together the Duttons launched The Dominion Television Network in 2017, giving a platform to ministries and Faith Leaders from around the world in the Media Mountain. DTV is currently a web and app based network reaching over 72 nations of the earth.  DTV continues to grow and The Duttons hope to see DTV on Satellite and Cable Networks by 2025.  For more information on DTV visit,

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The King's Giving

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