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This is your opportunity to join with Dr. Joseph & Lynette Dutton and be apart of the PRAYER & LAUNCH TEAM for the Myrtle Beach, SC campus of THE KING'S HOUSE!  

Fill out the form below and we will connect with you within the next few days.  Our hearts are to create a place where Jesus is Glorified, The Gifts and callings of God on your life is developed into the strong leader Holy Spirit knows you to be, and we create a place for the Presence, the Power and the Principals of Christ and His Kingdom is more than a sermon preached, but lives demonstratiing God's Glory in the Horry County area, and beyond.

Are you thinking about RETIRING to Myrtle Beach?  Read what Holy Spirit told Dr. Dutton when praying over The King's House in 2018.  (READ HERE).

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Prophetic Retirees

On a cool Fall morning in October of 2018, while praying, Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "I'm going to send you 'PROPHETIC RETIREES'!  I had no clue what a prophetic retiree was so I asked, "What is that Lord?"

Holy Spirit began telling me that there were people all over that were retiring from their jobs in the secular arenas and would need someone to help mentor them to do what the LORD had always wanted for them to do, that being ministry.  He also said there were those coming that thought that God was done with them and they were too old to do and be what God had laid on their hearts years before.  I was instructed by the LORD to rebirth and reignite those gifts and callings in these great men and women of God.  "Tell them", He said, "I'm not finished with them and it was time now to refire and not retire!"

-Dr. Dutton