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DID YOU HEAR THE NEWS?  Dr. Joseph & Lynette are now meeting every Sunday at 9:45am EST at the Dominion.TV Studios in Myrtle Beach, SC!  Are you in the Horry County area, coming here on vacation or maybe you're making plans to move to what the US News and World Report listed Myrtle Beach as #1 in the list of the top 25 FASTEST GROWING Cities in America?  If so, make plans now to join us for worship, fellowship and the word this week!  We are just getting started here in MB, Dr. Joseph and Lynette Dutton carry a prophetic mantle from the LORD that we believe is going to be one of the next thriving ministries in the South East.

Want more information or want to join our LAUNCH TEAM? 

9:45am fellowship
10:05am worship & word

Temporarily Meeting at:
1443 Dividend Loop
Suite "A"
Myrtle Beach, SC

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  • Intercessors 

  • Worshippers

  • Musicians

  • Prophetic Leaders

  • Children's Ministers


Holy Spirit Said, Prophetic Retirees!

The LORD spoke to Dr. Dutton a word in 2017 about many "prophetic retirees" being added to the ministry.  Of course, probably just like you are thinking, Dr. Dutton asked Holy Spirit, please tell me what that is.  The response was so exciting.  Prophetic Retirees, Holy Spirit said, "They are men and women of God that were moving to the region to retire, and also people who have 'retired from churches and ministries that just don't understand their giftings.  They think their days of labor is over in life and some in Church Work, but I HAVE MORE FOR THEM to accomplish. Many thought NO ONE understood the gift of GOD on their life.  It had been rejected so many times from religious people that just don't understand prophetic gifting, calling, dreamers, seerers, intercessors and leaders.  I'm bringing them to The King's House to help facilitate the NEXT MOVE OF GOD in this region and beyond.  Be ready to re-commission them and put them to work in the vineyard, for the harvest is white, already to receive.  Now, call them in from the NORTH, the SOUTH, the EAST and the WEST!  They are coming and I'm sending them to help you."  If that's you... connect with Dr. Joseph & Lynette Dutton today.


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